Friday, February 23, 2007

Are You Tired? Part 1 of 2

Ever feel tired? You know, worn out, the number of tasks far outweighing the amount of energy and time you have. Frustrated? Once again you didn’t get done all that needed to be done, let alone all you wanted to get done. Did you neglect your spouse, your kids, your calling? Does that make you feel unworthy? If you were truly living the gospel and relying on the Holy Ghost shouldn’t you be as successful and happy as Sister Worthier or Brother Reliable? After all, the Ensign (a monthly periodical of the Mormon Church) says,

The Holy Ghost can be a personal and constant companion to each of us. …But it can bless us only if we live worthy of its companionship. This is up to us. … we must do all in our power to qualify ourselves to be worthy of it. When we keep the commandments, our worthiness increases, and we can enjoy the blessings of the Holy Ghost.” (Ensign, July 2006, p. 66)

Does that mean the converse is true? When we fail to keep the commandments our worthiness decreases and so do the blessings? Are you ever haunted by the scripture in James 2:10, “He who keeps the whole law, yet offends in one point is guilty of all.”

Honestly, if you are like me, its rare to not have broken several commandments before lunch time. Selfishness, impatience, anger without a just cause (which the Savior said was the same as murder), pride – they’re there, in our hearts and minds, sometimes buried deep, other times bubbling to the surface. What chance then of qualifying to be worthy?

But, what if the writer of the Ensign article was wrong? What if worthiness was a gift? What if there was a way to be worthy of Heavenly Father in spite of regularly sinning, falling short, failing to do “all we can do”? What if the presence of the Holy Ghost didn’t have to be earned? What if Heavenly Father actually anticipated we would fail Him and our spouse and our kids, and therefore set up a plan that took all that into account? We don’t have to ever be without His love or presence.

How? Is it possible? Does the idea even appeal to you? Our Heavenly Father is way ahead of us on this one ... next blog.


rick b said...

I think that any mormon who agrees that they are feeling burnt out and tired from trying to do and keep all the laws, really needs to read the bible better.

Jesus saidMat 11:30 For my yoke [is] easy, and my burden is light.

How can Jesus say and mean that, but then turn around and tell people to live under the law knowing it will be to heavy a burden to bear? Rick b

Dr. Russell Norman Murray said...

Hi Joel,

All the best with the new blog.


Joel B Groat said...

You're right Rick - some Christians have given grace a bad name - Jesus' burden is light compared to the weight and slavery of our sin, but his call is weighty - to die to our sins and systematically surrender to HIS lordship, rather than the Lordship of an organization. In some ways that's a lot harder than just fulfilling a calling, and doing what you're told. But for many Mormon people, that's all they know so its up to us to graciously point them to the freedom in relating directly to and with Jesus.

Joel B Groat said...

Thanks Russ - 'preciate the the support. Joel