Thursday, January 03, 2013

Pioneer Woman said to, so I am

I've had this blog for years, posting rather sporadically, limiting myself to "significant" content - only to post virtually no content. So, now I'm going to try and write something more often, at least several times a week, just because, and because Pioneer Woman says that's the best way to blog. And I like Pioneer Woman, mostly because my wife really appreciates her and is encouraged by her.

I'm off to Honduras in 6 weeks. I've often wished I had a place to record stuff when I travel - so maybe this will be it. I'll let the people who love me know about it, and if anyone happens to stumble across it, I suppose that's fine too.  I worry way too much about what other people 'might' think about me.  This will be a good exercise in not.

I really don't like the number 2013, but if this becomes the year I blog consistently then maybe by the end of the year my attitude will be better.

Bueno - eso es todo por ahora. Lo hice, y eso era lo importante.

Papa Joel
PS. I realize I'll probably have to change the blog subhead, but that can wait for another day.

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