Monday, February 04, 2013

Honduras Adventure starts in 10 days

I leave for Tegucigalpa, Honduras on Feb 14th. Yeah, nothing like leaving your wife on Valentines Day - we are going to celebrate early.  And then we'll celebrate again when I get back.  Thanne is a great wife that way.  Facebook is just too volatile and PC for me to talk about what I really do when I make these trips.  I make one mention of  the word "Mormon" or "cult" and the next thing I know I'm banned because a Mormon or 2 or 3 have reported me for hate speech.  So I'm trying something different this trip - using my blog.

Here are my top 3.5 prayer requests for this trip.

1) That God will help me explain and expose the LDS culture of deception to those in the media and Christian leadership.
2) That I will be gracious and discerning in my interaction with this brother, and others in the Christian community.
3) That God will use this temple opening to expose the true unbiblical and unChristian nature of LDS teaching and temples.
3.5) That I will be kept safe from attacks of the evil one and free to engage in life-changing ministry to others. 
God has provided key individuals that are already scheduling conferences and media interviews - one of my main men is Luis Carrion of World Gospel Outreach there in Teguc. He's become a great friend, brother and in a lot of ways a kindred spirit in ministry.  When you pray for him, please pray for me as well.

Tomorrow I attempt to call the chief of police for the area to make sure we will have clearance for handing out literature.  That contact is thanks to another individual - Bob Funk - who cares deeply about truth and exposing the deceptive practices and false teaching of the LDS Church.  He has worked tirelessly to find contacts in country for me.  Since everything we will do is on public property it should not be a problem - but pray that God will grant me favor in this police official's eyes.

In other countries representatives of the Mormon Church have used threats and intimidation in the past, even inventing "laws" to keep information from getting into the hands of the public. Our response has always been polite, respectful but firm in not backing down from our rights.  Last year in El Salvador after the police witnessed LDS security officials use threats and intimidation against us, they made a point of stopping by to check in with us in their police trucks and cars to make sure we were safe and being left alone.  As a result the Mormons pretty much gave up on harrassing us, and I got to share the gospel with one young police officer who was assigned to hang out with us.  God can use any and all circumstances to get the gospel to those who need to hear it.

One final prayer request - that my heart will remain simple, childlike and guileless and that I will trust the Holy Spirit to open doors for the proclamation of the truth.

Stay tuned - the adventure is just beginning!

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Ruby Mae said...

Praying for you as you leave on the 14th and for the family at home while you are gone! God goes with you for sure!