Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Is this really me?

God continues to do amazing things.  Today it was total freedom to address Mormon issues of deception, what happens in an LDS temple and why the LDS doctrine of God is neither biblical nor Christian - three different times on three different radio stations. The last interview wasn't even on the schedule. Luis got a call a couple of hours before the program from the host asking if I was available to be on.  It was an hour-long live radio shown on the family so we talked about the impact of "sectas" on family relationships.  This particular FM station goes back and forth between being the number 1 and number 2 most listened to station in the country. By the end of the program there were already positive comments posted on the station's Facebook page and people thanking the host for the program and the information.

What did I just hear this past Sunday?  Oh yeah - "Don't seek opportunities. Seek God and the opportunities will come."  That is definitely playing out here in Honduras this time.  So today was 3 radio interviews and one evening teaching conference on Mormonism at a church in the shadow of the Mormon temple.  We left them around 1500 tracts that they will be distributing throughout their neighborhood.

Tomorrow will be another busy day.  I'm being interviewed on a live TV talk show from 7:30 - 8 am. The program is "Cafe Caliente" (Hot Coffee) and is a popular variety show that deals with family and relationship issues. We're going to discuss "Sects and Families."

Following that I have a meeting at 9:30am at the French Embassy with an attach√© to discuss the growth an impact of Protestant churches on the country of Honduras. Seriously, is this me, Joel B Groat, son of dairy farmer, turned missionary, Larry B Groat, doing live TV and being invited to consult the French Embassy in Honduras?  Well, it's been in God's book all along, and it is just one more thing that makes me grateful I heeded the call to do God's will for my life - whatever, wherever - when I was 17 years old sitting on the steps of a boarding school dorm in Rubio, Venezuela.

There is also a chance tomorrow I'll be asked to join one of the most-listened-to TV/radio talk show hosts on his program tomorrow afternoon.  He's known for tackling controversial issues and taking on anyone and everyone. His assistant called us back to today to say they would probably confirm a time sometime tomorrow morning.

Then tomorrow evening I'll do another conference on Mormonism at a church in Valle de los Angeles - a picturesque town in the mountains.  The building right next to the Christian church I'm speaking at is the local Mormon chapel. Here's hoping a bunch of LDS people join us tomorrow night at the Christian church.

You've been praying - I can tell - please don't stop now. Prayer is what has opened doors to opportunities I could have never even imagined or dreamed up.  This is not me, this is God, so pray I continue to be a humble servant who trusts my Abba so He can continue to show His power, light and love to people who desperately need Him more than they could ever imagine or dream.

An amazed and humbled Apolojedi.

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