Thursday, February 14, 2013

No more cold feet

So, I am at 32,000 feet on my way to Tegucigalpa where my feet will not be cold again for the next three weeks - unlike the last several weeks in very frozen West Michigan. I'll be met at the airport after pulling an all nighter to do final prep and packing, (I'd never have made it without my wife's patient and efficient guidance) and immediately whisked away to a meeting with the director of Enlace, a Christian TV station that I hope will agree to film a day-long teaching conference on the 26th.  Then, this evening I'll be speaking to a home group Bible study about Mormonism and what they can expect here in the country over the next several weeks.

Tomorrow I have an interview with a secular TV station at 12:30 during their news segment. Please pray this opens the door for even more media exposure so that the differences between the Mormon religion and biblical Christianity can be truly seen and understood.  Friday I also hope to visit the Mormon temple during its open house to assess what they are saying and how they are handling traffic of visitors.  Friends here told me during the first weekend LDS security tried to restrict access to public streets in order to keep them from giving literature to people who were visiting. I have the local police chief's number and hope to speak to him about this so the parameters are clear and the Mormon leadership does not get away with using intimidation to restrict the public's access to information.

Thanks for praying - will keep you updated on all that God does.

Joel - from somewhere over the Caribbean  

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